The Witcher 2 Prenium Edition

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Soooo i guess visiting Public is like the worst thing for me. I mean here i am, with another used game i was never planning to buy :P

I present you...tam tam tam....the Witcher 2 Prenium Edition.

 Looking good eh? Need to mention that i haven't played the first, but i have read the book which the game is based on, so i have an idea what's about. Now, let's open it...

A game guide for starters...from the fast look i had, it seems like a walk-through of some sorts. I also took a photo of a random page (do i see the word dragon there? ha! talk about luck!) to see what i mean.

Then we have the Soundtrack and the Bonus DVD. I totally forgot to take a photo of the back of the! Still, the bonus dvd as i understand is some sort of documentary on the game. More about it when i watch it.

And we continue with the game ^^

And now some fun swag!!! Guess what? A map!!! Yay for me being excited about it! It looks awesome :D
Some sort of letter, i don't want to read it yet in case it spoils something from the game :p

And lastly..okay this is fun! It had paper craft! Haha! One is Gerald and the other is a little monster which i believe it's called Nekka or something. How cute is it? :p

What do you think? I quite happy with my purchase. I bought the whole thing for the half price and for a used game it's in a really good condition. Almost perfect. I checked around and i saw there are many different editions of it. Do you have any? The Limited Edition has Geralt's head inside XD


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