Guild Wars 2 Beta impressions

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Now, in case you have no idea what GW2 is about dont worry, we have an article on Splasho'worlds which I will link in the end of this post.



This game was perhaps the most amazing mmo I have ever played. period.
Why?. WHY?! well, lets get onto it. I literally have no idea where to begin. Lets start with the simple things.

The world.

The world of guild wars 2 is the most realistic, alive and full of sound world I have ever experienced in an mmo in my life. First of all, every race has its own feel, has its own unique world, and its own unique setting. What do I mean by that? Lets take a look on the Charr. If you read a few things about the charr and take time to flesh out your character (read about how they make names etc) you will find out that the Charr in the course of time from gw1 to gw2 have become from a military race of, pretty much, savage catlike beasts, to the most technologically advanced war machine in the face of Tyria. And since their structure greatly resembles that of the Roman armies (the 4 Legions, Tribunes, Legionaire's etc etc) their names reflect that and their names are more Roman than before. So lets see what I mean by that

Meet Orianna Razorthorn, the Charr sucky mesmer. What you see here are 3 things. First of, the Black Citadel, the main city of the Charr, home of the 3 legions (the Flame legion is a bunch of faggoty bastards. We hate them), second of all you see in the distance the technology i was taking about. The charr have actually things similar to tanks, and awesome looking vehicles. Yes they are a bit steampunkish, with cannons and steam oriented machines, but they are the technological advanced war nation. They are a force to be reckoned with. Third you see a patrol of npc's. Yes, those guys in front of me, are NOT players. They are one of the countless npc's that litter the entire place doing things from patrols, conversations, fixing up stuff to being merchants etc. After all, the Charr are a militaristic race, they are formed by armies and legions, so the patrols are an unexpected but highly realistic addition to the scene.

Another thing? See that bubble that said: "For Iron Legion"? (after I pressed F to greet him). Yeah, THAT, as well as EVERY.SINGLE.CONVERSATION, in this game is voice acted. Yes, you heard me, I actually heard a charr saying those lines as the bubble appeared. And that is not all, your own character speaks, when he is low in health, gains a lvl, gains a boon, or condition (My norn actually yelled, mid battle "ARGH! MY LEG!" when he got crippled. HOW COOL IS THAT?!). The entire game, is completelly voice animated.

Continuing on our travel across the world, another thing caught my eye. First of all, no time spent in the game  goes to waste. After a while when I actually got tired of all the slaying of monsters and events. I decided to around..aimleslly. Just explore the city. Well guess what? As I went in all the places in Hoelbrack, and unlocked all the map travel points and saw all the sights, the game rewarded me for it. It made me feel as if all the time I had spent going around like a tourist with oohs and aaahs not only did not go to waste, but actually I got rewarded for that. How cool is that?! Oh, I also found Ameranth and Anna!

Who is Anna and Ameranth? Check their story out, its actually a pretty cool one

Anyway. As I was running around in my Lion'ness being cool, listening to all the amazing voice acting of EVERY, SINGLE, CONVERSATION. As well as the backround noise that totally fitted with every scenery, I found something that made me widen my eyes in both surprise and excitment. They have kids.

Yes, you read it correctly, in Tyria, in guild wars 2, you find kids. Not just one or 2 like in other mmos that just throw them there like "hey look we have kids too, we are realistic". But you find DROVES of them. You find them outside, running around, playing, you find them in cities, running around, walking around, walking with their parents or family or whatever. Some even give you events!

Look!!! a Charr babeh!!!

A human kidoh!!!!

A norn kiddoh!!! Yeah they are ALSO voice acted, and she likes my hair. Thank you llittle girl! I will kill the sons of Svanir in your name!

After all the traveling however, i think its time to talk about combat.


Combat is just....amazing! Everything is perfectly animated, the moves are fluid,. they are reflective of the class in everything, from animations, to grunts and shouts, to the ferocity of the attack.

-That is common in every game man...GET ON WITH IT! talk about my class!

Hey SHUT UP Daniel! you are a fictional character of my imagination, Go back with the rest!


Good, so as i was saying, battle is the way it should. Each class has its own unique feel, some work better with others, some are better to solo, some are more "in your face bash you in the head" sort of classes, while others are more "ima sit here and burn the hell out of your brains as the warrior keeps you back" sort of thing. And the noise is actually perfect as well!!! Fighting, is LOUD!

Arenanet made an excelent job to make it feel like battle. The combat noise is noticable louder than the average walk-around-exploring, noise. Off course not in the part that makes you want to lower the settings because you feel your ear drums bleeding, but loud enough to make your adrenaline pumping. I participated in an event with around 5-10 people, and there were gunshots, explosions, shouts, grunts, magic noises, slams on the ground, rocks colliding by spells, yells. What makes things even better is that unlike the usual button mashing that you would expect on those situations (In the first time I was in battle I pretty much just mashed all the skills and hoped I would not be the one dead by the end), Guild Wars 2 makes it so that you have to actually think every move and plan out your attacks. Why? First of all, because there is NO target skill. That is right, kiss targeting goodbye, forget the entire, chose target, ignore what is happening, just press all the skills and sip a martini. NO. Right now you have to activelly move around, face your target, unleash your skills at it, but always keep an eye out on potential devastating attacks. Try to dodge aoe spells, try to use your aoe spells for maximum effectiveness.

-Who cares man? What is the worse that could happen. Its battle right? *nudge*

First of all Deyja, what the hell are you doing here? Second of all, bad things happen if you are not carefull. What exactly? this:

You fall down on the floor, things around your screen are red and rather make you feel like you are the one in pain, not your character. A bar shows up, "Fight to Survive" It slowly gets lower. You have 4 skills to use. What is your initial response?


But do not despair! This is what happens if you are careless and dont mind your surroundings. You fall down, unable to move, and you fight for your very life against the onslaught of enemies. If you are lucky enough to have other people around, your chances of survival are bigger. If not, then good luck. What happens in this state? The rules are simple, when you cast the first 3 skills your bar gets slightly lower. If you use the 4th one, you start to regenerate life, and IF you are not targeted or take a hit in the face again, you have a chance to rally. If you kill an enemy you rally again. What is Rally you say?

This is Rally. You get up in battle, with low health obviously, and your cooldowns are the same they were when you fell down.

-Dude that is totally not realistic, you are supposed to die!

YOU are supposed to die Deyja, shut up and get back in my head! What the hell today?...Is he gone?...


Alright, moving on. What is the thought behind this? Well you fight, you get hit in the face countless of times. Sure the opponent goes for a killing blow, but lets face it, its a game and you are not a mere soldier. You get injured. You fall down on the ground, bleeding from your injuries, or dissarmed by the furious attacks of your enemies. You are unable to move, you can barelly attack, your weapons are close but any move you do towards them will leave you open for a killing blow. What do you do? You fight with everything you can find. Try to buy yourself time to get back on your feet and up your chance of survival. "Downing" as this whole mechanic is called, literally shows the desperate last stand of your character. He literally uses everything he has to survive. A warrior throws rocks or a hammer he has for whatever, a guardian uses week rays of light to damage or blind his foes to survive. A mesmer uses illusions to confuse the enemy, he might teleport as well and perhaps manage to survive that way etc.

What happens if you kill someone? Well imagine the previous senario. In your last desperate stand you kill the person closest to you. That gives you time enough to pick up your weapons and get on your feet to face the next wave of your enemies. You are however badly battered so you have to be carefull. Will you heal yourself? dodge back and buy yourself time? Are you feeling lucky and try to take down the rest as you go?

What happens if there are other people there? Well, same senario, as the killing blow is about to fall, a warrior jumps in and bashes that bastard in the face, taking the attention to himself. As you gasp for your breath, a nearby *pick a class here* runs at you, helps you up on your feet and hands you your weapons. We are back to bussiness ladies and gentlemen. Unleash the fury

(I know its a different place, but burning a bunch of moa and butchering them with the aoe 2handed sword slash just looks epic)

What happens if the bar goes to 0 and no one helps you? (like 2 dickheads from the lds guild or whatever that revived each other and let me to die and ran off...there were not even creatures around! they could help. Idiots). You get defeated. Think of it as you get a really hard smack in the head and fall unconcious. Off course you dont die, because if you did, then the game would be over rather soon now wouldnt it? What happens instead is you are defeated. You can still be revived by someone, similar to waking you up and patching your wounds, or you can simply chose to rally in a waypoint. (Imagine that you wake up after hours and go there half exhausted. Rest and regain your strength and go out again).

However defeat comes with a price. What price? your armor starts to break. I mean lets be realistic, if you get bashed in with hammers all the time, your armor WILL eventually need repairs. It also comes with another form of penalty. Death penalty. Everytime you get downed, (even if you rally) you get a point in death penalty. That means that if you get downed again you start with less life each time to fight, leading to eventually not being downed at all and going straight to defeat. How you get rid of it? the same way you did in guild wars 2. You defeat things. Think of it as you are exhausted and as you defeat your enemies, your morale gets raised and your wounds start to heal.

-But hey dude, what are those orange circles on your minimap and why the hell is there a tab saying "The Maw, the maw is quiet" on your upper right?

Excelent question Daniel-who-should-stop-messing-with-my-head. That is a dynamic event. What are those? Those are how the world works. They could make it so that what you do all day is run around, talk to people accept quests, kill a few chickens and take their meat back and feel as an epic looking chore boy, but instead Arenanet made the world a living thing. As you explore around places what you will find is little hearts on your minimap. Those are settlements/forts/people etc that need help with something. As you go near that area you will immedietlly know what you need to do. Either by reading the text on your upper right screen if you are actually there, or by an npc running at you informing you of something going on.

(I am not kidding, I was walking around with my charr, all liony and a npc! walked up to me and yelled, and here i quote: "You there, get your weapons and head to Lake blablbablba (or however it was called), its the Flame Legion, and then he ran off to yell that to another player. Needless to say when I got there, there was an event going on with players bashing Flame Legion skulls in. I joined)

What is amazing however, is that the tasks are never the same and can be accomplished by many ways. For example, in a certain farm you could earn their graditude by killing bandits, helping with watering the plants, flattening out the wurm holes, or feeding the animals. Doing one, 2 or all of the above at the same time will all add up to a bar of progress,when that bar is full you earned their graditude. That is the standard way to get xp and money, and can lead to some extremelly amazing activities.

This was my favorite activity in the entire beta. To get the graditude of the settlement you had to play snowball fight with the kids, and/or fight off or calm down whatever they pissed off, such as bees or other settlers. In the screen you see me throwing a snowball on that kid. Despite I already had the xp and money from the activity, i always played for a while. I mean...snowball fights....with kids!

Now, what is the orange circle and the maw thing? Those are dynamic events. Those are not standard and are not something you will ALWAYS find int he same thing. Some have a small line, like the one i was in at the time. A settlement has grawl problems, a kid makes a snowman army and dresses them with armor you helped him create, the grawl run away in fear. To answer that they summon elementals and attack the place, you go in and kill the shamans and drive them off. End of the cycle. Small events, fun and repetetive.

The maw thing however is a bigger one. It is a hard one and from what I assume has world changing events, at LEAST in the map it is. Sure the maw right now is quiet, that is because me and a few other players busted our teeth in by fighting shamans and ice elementals and foiled the sons of Svanir from summoning something that would not be pleasant. What would happen if we lose? Well the thing they were summoning was huge, and I am sure it was not pleasant. After a few hours, I think someone pissed off the grawl or something, because as I passed from the Maw again, there was a note saying that a scholar was looking aid for increased grawl activity near there.

Those dynamic events have a story. They are hard, and you NEED other players to finish them. Also expect to be "downed" many times. Those events are what give xp and money to your character. They are also the reason why you dont run AWAY from other people but TOWARDS them, unlike many other mmos. Why is that? because there is safety in numbers. More people, more safety, more xp, safer fights.

What it also adds is endless rp possibility.

-What do you mean rp? it sounds lame

Your face is lame Dargor.. Are you guys having a party in my head or something?

-Yeah we get riled up as you get excited. You know how it works. i dont

-Yeah well...

Whatever, ignoring this. What I mean by that. Well if anyone has played lord of the rings online, knows of the great and organised Role Playing community that exists there. Personally I never thought that was even possible but I am glad I was proven wrong. What role playind requests from a player is what every role playing requires. Knowledge of the basics of the world, knowing your character, acting like him, and it helps with immersing yourself in the world better. It leads to additional fun in an already fun mmo.

Why do GW2 has the possibility to add the RP in the RPG of the MMORPG, since it already has the MM in the MMO, and Greece provides the O in the MMORPG, because without Greece having internet this whole post would be pointless really?

Well simply because the world is so alive, and the dynamic events are so spontaneous, that it actually sets the ground for roleplayers to have more things to do. Unlike Lotro where the events were organised by guild leaders, or by the community, and bassically involved emote fighting, which lets all face it, is fun, but watching 12 people /emoting a fight with orcs, in an empty open field is, well not the same. Having a group of players however rp'ing a fight against the grawl, but actually being backed up by the game providing them with random dynamic events? The possibilities just sky rocket out of here. That means you can organise rp events that actually turn unpredictable. You can organise an rp patrol that could lead up to a skirmish simply because "The Maw" decided NOT to be quiet anymore. Yes, amazing i know!

Moving on to exploring the world, we have swimming. Water in Eye of the North made me thirsty. I loved the water effects. I could stand in an outpost looking at the rivers as the party is organised for a dungeon or whatever. In guild wars 2, they took water and made it so that it feels so realistic! Hell when I dive in water, i actually felt like I needed to get my snorkeling gear on. Swimming animation is perfect, and you cant fight when you are in the surface of water. Making perfect sense since you try to keep yourself above the surface.

And then you dive in

Yes, its this awesome. Your character wears an air mask (so you dont drown, VERY nice touch by arenanet to add it), your character equips his/her aquatic weapons and your 5 weapon skills alter considerably. What happens underwater? First of all the sound makes you feel that you ARE underwater. Noise from above is actually muffled as if you are submerged, and hear the constant white noise you hear when you are diving. You even hear bubbles as you swim as you breathe. A closer look in the pic can show them around the norn guardian of mine. Oh you think its over? Every class has its own fighting style that AGAIN suits it perfectly underwater. What do I mean by that? With my human mage I felt like I was a moving cannonball underwater. My 1st skill was to throw magma rocks that hit the opponent damaging him, and they coolled off!?! after a while and then exploded, resulting in a double explosion, cannon like effect.

-Aaaaw yeah! there I go blowing shi....hey! WHY AM I WEARING A DRESS!!!?!?! WHERE IS MY ARMOR? AND MY SWORD!?

Shut up Dargor, elementalists are like that in guild wars. DEAL WITH IT!

-You motherf....

Moving on, what else is amazing? How the physics of the world are so amazingly made that everything seems realistic. The second skill I learned with Dar...I mean the elementalist was boil. And the description sais, that you boil the water around the target. That sounds brutal (-At least THAT is something I would do)....lets see how it looks

OMG right?! The water looks as if its boiling!You cant see it since its not animated, but you had the WHOLE package! bubbles going on, steam, you heard the water boiling, hell! i was about to throw in a small bag of tea and make some while at it!. Whats next? lets see how you can use water in water.

Well? That just is amazing. You throw water-ice bolts at the target. As always, awesome animation, you actually HEAR the water freeze as you throw it, and as always followed by the appropriate watery sounds around you.

You think I am done with water? Yeah me too, lets get out of it and continue on with what else.

Is that?

Yes....yes my friends...IT IS!

There are WATER drops in your screen. HOW



THAT?! Once again Guild Wars 2 manages to blow my brains out with their amazing care in detail! I mean, after I saw that I literally jumped in water for 5 minutes going in and out. Just to see the effect. Well guess what? the drops are random. They appear in different places and in different density and number every time!

And that concludes the tour of the world in guild wars 2. You think we are done? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I mentioned the rp element in the game. Well guess what? They have added the rpg back into the mmo genre and I am not kidding around. I could go in detail on ALL of those things, but this post has to end sometime, before Yiota murders me for taking ALL the space in the blog. So I will just show pics and explain them bellow in not as much detail as I would like.

Lets start with the character creation!


-I was about to fall asleep

Shut up you 2. Get back with the rest!

-Like hell! I want to see my class!

Daniel for the last time I have not created you yet! We will show Dargor

-You are an idiot sir!

But guys! I have already wrote far too much and....Why am I even talking to you guys?! YOU ARE PEOPLE OF MY IMAGINATION! You do not exist!

-I still get laid more than you

........So, on to the character creation now.
Lets start with customizing your character. Well there is not much to show here...

You can only pretty much customize the hell out of your character? You can chose from different hairstyles, faces, then pick the color of your hair, your eyes, fix the eyes, nose, mouth, face of your character, then pick a bodytype, then paint your armor

-I look....well not so bad actually

I know Dargor, shut up

And thats not it. Off course thats not it, aaaah ye of little faith. Lets move on. After doing virtual plastic surgery to yourself you get asked a series of questions. Lets go through the human elementalist ones.

First off an aesthetic choice. It symbolizes your love for an element, and determines your little helmety gem in your forehead. For the thief the question determined if you would wear a full mask (looking like a saracen mameluke), a hood, or a headband, for the elementalist, a gem of the element of your choice. I am unsure if this will have any effect on your story, but then again I played only till lvl 11

Second a question of your character. That is right, you chose how your character deals with situations. That offers effects on the way you are perceived, but it is not final, there are many choices you make that give you points for one of the 3 categories. Charm, Dignity, and ferocity

-You better had me chose ferocity...

Obviously Dargor...obviously.

What? you dont believe me? Check this out. Its a conversation, and look! I have the choice to make a charming response. If you do you get points towards your charming bar. And what does that mean?

Look over here, see the bars on the right side? My status is Honorable, since my Dignity bar is greater than my charisma and ferocity one. From what I gather, people will talk to you differently and your character talks differently depending on which of the 3 he favors.

Then you chose your backround. Were you a Commoner? (-FUCK NO!) a street rat? (-You want to get slapped in the imaginary face?) or a noble? (-Thats more like it)

Since Dargor is a bit of a stuck up douchebag...


Just kidding, but since he is an elementalist, and a rather lordly figure. I made him a noble. It also made him shut up in my head.

And from this question and on, the answers you give AFFECT the story as it progresses. And I have verified it. What that means is that you get to have at LEAST 6 different stories, per race. If classes have their own story as well, then that makes 6 stories, per class, per race. Do the math.

Here you chose something that at some point will show up in the story. As a human you chose your biggest regret. That is, your sister got missing and never recovered her body, you never searched for your true parents, or you passed down a circus performing opportunity.

For the norn you chose what happened in one of the gathering. You got drunk and passed out and have no idea what happened? you lost a fight with your rival? or you betted and lost a family heirloom. With my Norn i chose the last one, and guess what?

Yep, this is a cinematic conversation (fully voice acted, as everything) and lookie what got brought up? The family heirloom i had lost!

Finally as a human you pick which one of the 6 gods you believed in the most! Dwayna, Balthazar, Grenth, Melandru, Lyssa or Kormir. No idea if this affects anything...yet

As you see there is plenty of customization to go around. Wether you are a hardcore roleplayer and want everything to be role played, or just bored and (as you see in the lower right) skip to end, Guild Wars 2 has done everything to make sure you have the power to dictate a large portion of your character.

-You have me wearing a dress and jewelry...I will end you in a fiery rage......

One more word Dargor and I will make you blonde and sissylike

-Dont you dare!! I am a known playa as far as fantasy goes!

My fantasy! so shut up or I will have you castrated!


So for you ladies out there that managed to bear with me, here is something I think you will rather enjoy. Since I know you girls have a sort of fashion sense even in videogames (Blood in your armor is simply unacceptable) here is something I saw that even had me applauding. Guild Wars 2 dye system. You start up with some basic colors which you are ble to place on your armor at ANY given time, and their effects will be immediatelly shown. On top of that there are unlockable dyes that you gain by loot etc. Meaning that if you pick up an awesome armor that looks fab on you but the color is less then FABULOUS! then do not despair! You can immedietelly change it to the color you want.

No more settling for less than simply FABULOUS! Here is an example

Meet Longtooth Icetamer, he is tired with the look of his armor

He paints it with a new unkommon dye he unlocked

He fights around with it, immediatelly, but looks like an idiot

He despairs in how ridiculous he looks. He even roars and grunts in pain for my brutality to keep him like that.

I switch him back to the old version, now happy Longtooth is ready to kill the event boss.

(Also note the gold medal I received from participating in the event. The more you participate, the more you get rewarded. So far there is bronze, silver, and gold medal)

Lets wrap this up with what I enjoyed, what I would like to see, and what I would like to stay the same, and then I will post a few screenshots to boast, and off course a link to the "official" splasho'worlds review.

What I would like to see:

I would like to see improved AI in the events. Dynamic events do indeed scale, but after a few players are in, I dont see much of a challenge. Sure it is more xp for everyone, butI would like to see the AI scale accordingly. Meaning more skills for them, more aggressive skill use, hell even make them DODGE our attacks. Make it so that we actually have a chance to lose EVERY single event if we dont play and co-op like good kids.

I would like to see an RP server and some good effort on making it. Guild Wars 2 offers such a huge variety of choises for role players it would be sad to not make a server exclusivelly dedicated to role playing. Why I say exclusivelly for them? Well 2 reasons, first of all mixing role players and non role players and having them all try to do something would end up in strange situations. People would talk as if they are IC, while others will just want to get things going, resulting in both teams not enjoying what they want in their fullest.

Also for a role playing server the existance of an OOC (out of character) channel is a must, since technically the common channel Say, is reserved for roleplaying discussions

Last but certainly NOT least.

Quivers, and swords for elementalists. I know, I know, they dont sound like a big deal but. Swords for elementalists to me make perfect sense. I mean they already use dagger, and the mesmer uses the sword as well. It would give more flexibility for the elementalist and more skills to cross from guild wars 1. But most important

Quivers. Yes I am a ranger geek and I love rangers and stuff. And though a clearly aesthetic choice, I felt a bit bitter at their lack. Why? because EVERYTHING else is so PERFECTLY aesthetic, I just felt that it was overlooked wrongly. It doesnt have to be anything fancy like extra storage space or anything, just a cosmetic thing, or something that goes along with the bow you have equiped. Something to make Rangers FELL like rangers.

I remember spending all the cutscenes in the "War In Kryta" staring at the white mantle and the shining blade archers thinking "They have quivers. Why dont I have quivers? Why do THEY get quivers and I dont? I saved the world 4 times already and they get to have quivers instead of me..."

Things I would like to see remain the same: 

EVERYTHING else. By all the gods of the charr, asurans, sylvari, norn, humans and whatever. DONT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE!

The game is OUTSTANDING! I know there will be people that are either claiming that this is a pvp game and everyone will be in for pvp, or others that will whine that "swords and shields are useless for a guardian" or ask for buffs and such, but please for all you have dear. DONT FALL FOR PUBLIC DEMANDS!

The game is perfect as it is. TRUE fans will stick with it no matter if their demands are met or not. Every single game I have played that has listened to what the public wanted, eventually destroyed the game.
If they think the Guardian is useless with sword and shield, then CLEARLY they have not understood what you had in mind when you put the sword and shield to a guardian.

Also for the love of Dhuum and Abaddon, keep us players in the backround of the story. Guild Wars 1 was fantastic because no matter how epic things we did, it was always the heroes of Tyria (Rurik, Kormir, Mhenlo (that idiotic bastard) and Togo (stupid guy)) that were the front of the events.

No matter HOW desperate and how threatening the fans shout from the back of their throats. Keep us in the backround. I would hate to see if the players get to be the ones that break the tooth of Jormag. Why? because when you alleviate the players in "major forces of lore" then they will start demanding stuff, and that will ruin the game. I would feel a lot more epic if Eir smashed that tooth and I was the one that subtly pushed her confidence and abilities to that extend, than me being the one that does it.

Those are my humble thoughts on the game and the beta weekend.

Was I let down by a few things. Yes

Was I excited about other things? Yes! in a degree that the things that let me down (except the quivers) were not even noticable anymore.

Will I play the game? HELL YES!

Do I reccomend it? Its enough to say I feel so bad for not getting the collectors edition...hell I am thinking of getting it and giving yiota the game while keeping the rest.

To end this LOOONG post. Here are some screens of me doing stuff.

 Eir....the hottest norn character EVER!!! Sorry Jora, your metal bikini armor is indeed tempting but...its Eir, she is a ginger/redhead or whatever, and she is a hunter. And she has a wolf....
 Cinematics, the moving picture thing. You cant see it but its actually like concept art moving. No matter how far CGI goes, this will be forever amazing
 Yep, characters look this good in game as well. Aaah Logan Thackerey, despite that his idiotic move in the end cost Destiny's Edge their victory and the death of Snaff (NOOOOOO). He is still the best Human hero in our hearts

Dodging Dgargor. Because why eat a centaur punch in the face?
 -Hey new skill! what does it do? What? just a tooth hovering above him? LAME!

Just give it a second man!

-Aaaah thats more like it!
 -Lets switch to water


-Screw you, I am switching to water.

WOW! that looks cool!

-Obviously! Its me you are talking about
 Can we switch to fire please?

-FREEZE! You thirsty?! Chill man! I am going to make you so wet it hurts.....I got more of those

Please stop....
 Switch to fire


*together* WOOOOH!!!AAAAH!
 This is one good looking skill!

-I would like Dragon more

Phoenix is awesome and shut up
 Failed attempt to do a proper screenshot on phoenix

-You are completelly useless you know that?

Hey! shut up! I am the one handling you right now!

-But I am the one killing all those centaurs...

I hate you!

-You lie and I know it. I live in your head.


 HOORAY for me casting spells in the middle of a cinematic

-Dragon's tooth FTW!
 Hey! they got minis in guild wars 2 AS WELL! WOOT!

-What sorcery is this?
 Flamethrower mouth? dagger is my favorite for mage right now


No one can understand you, there are flames comming out of your mouth
 -LOL! this is fun! hoola hoops of icy death! I love the dagger!

 Frost breath...dagger is no1 fav for elementalist. PERIOD!
 Fire step. Works to make arches as well

-Make fire arches in lions arch. Get it?

Leave the jokes to me Dargor.

 Npc's actually die depenging on their element. The moa bird was on fire so it kinda screamed and ran as if on fire, when you kill them with ice they shiver and fall down as if they are made into ice statues,with electricity the spasm as if...well duh.

-Hehehehehe, look at it scream. I love fire.

*heavy angry breathing*...fucking rabbit!
 -Hey look, a wyrmstickle!!! Get it?!
-WOOOO IM A DRAGON BABY! This will do so well in parties!

Yes, this skill is that awesome! FLAMETHROWER MOUTH!

Link to detailed SplashOfOurWorlds Review

3 Responses to “Guild Wars 2 Beta impressions”

  1. You mentioned two players from a LDS guild did not help to revive you. Just curious, which server were you playing on? I want to make sure they weren't members of my Community, Mormon Battalion [MoB] on Yak's Bend. We hold a much higher standard than that of our members.

  2. Well, just to clarify Kevin, I do not mean to say that EVERY player of the LDS guild were idiots, just those 2 particular ones. I have to be honest with you, I do not remember the server at the moment, but I will reply my server when they hold another beta.

    1. Still, if they were members of my Community, I would like to know. Can't wait to get in-game permanently August 25th!


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