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Some really awesome trailers for upcoming movies have been released lately, and i really wanted to do a re-cap to everything but unfortunately i don't have the time. Instead this time i'll just put the trailer in one post ;) Enjoy!

Let's make it clear, i was never fan of Tarantino. I saw Kill Bill for example, and i was one of the few that didn't like it. Still this movie had something when i saw the poster and i couldn't resist. Well..okay..the trailer is kind of epic isn't it? I mean what is all this badassery?! And quite an interesting cast too. I did not expect Russel Crow in something like it, you know? I don't know if i will be watching it at the cinema, because i know it's one of the movies that we won't be able to shut up but still...

I'm not entirely sure what to think of this one. If i got it right, there is a guy who time travels to kill his older self after the orders of his boss? I'm confused but intrigued to watch it. And Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt? How back can it be?

This is more of a music video than a trailer. Something that i really disliked. I can only guess what's the movie about. Still, it has amazing graphics and seems fun. Something like the Ants and Spiderwick Chronicles?

Liam Neeson being all badass. There is no much to tell really. I liked the first movie. This one seems good too. I'm in!

Another Tarantino movie. Entirely different than The Man with the Iron Fist, and closer to my style of action. Not for cinemas, but definitely watching it! (Leeeeooo weeee!!)

This is Ice Age. There is no reason to NOT watch it.

Now that's something new and interesting! Bad guy of a video game decides to be a hero and he skips from game to game? XD I'm already enjoying this! (Look at the ghost from pacman having psychological problems! LOL)

Keira Knightley with the director of Pride & Prejudice and Atonement. 'nuff said!

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