Game Day!

Thursday, June 28, 2012 · Posted in , , , , ,

Yo! Me and Johnny were bored so i convinced to came over at my house to play Magic The Gathering. At the end we didn't! But but but but...

We spent a few hours playing Soul Calibur at PS3. Johnny lost from my brother a few times, i lost from Johnny every time. I was bored and it's not fun when you don't know combinations to play seriously.

After that, since i wasn't really trying to survive the battle, we connected the laptop to the TV to play a little Crash Team Racing at PSX Emulator!! We did have some technical problems (PSX was crashing, the second controller wasn't working, i was playing with the keyboard and half the buttons) BUT we succeed and actually played at least one time each cup! :D Johnny was way better than me, but i still was making his life difficult with my awesome weapons^.^

Well...that was all. It fun playing always is! I wish he had stayed more, and some of the others had come too but oh well..maybe next time :D

I will upload more photos at our Facebook page, if anyone wants to check them out.

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