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New trailer!! Actually i have tons of new things i want to post, i just don't have the time...still! Here is the new trailer for Resident Evil Retribution which is movie number 5. Movie #4 was an epic fail for me, but all in for badass heroines, action, explosions and all that kind of stuff. Who know? It might even be better than the previous one. zombies...Alice in her house with a husband...i'm missing something here because i remember a pretty messed up ending at the previous one...

Her hair are nice like that but she is no Alice...and i'm sure that guy died at the 3rd movie....*shifty*..i don't get it...

New character inform us that everything we've seen is a lie...wait...does she mean the start of the trailer or the previous movies? I'm still confused...

Umbrella got her again? What is going on......:s

I was pretty sure that guy died too....*sigh*

Jill Valentine...doesn't look like Jill at all. The dead guy from the start is now with her, and another dead guy from the first movie is back....

What's up with her? She is back from the dead at Fast & Furious..and she is back from the dead in here too? I need help.

This is so funny! When did zombies start running? XD

Then explosions..things on the story, which don't really make me less confused...and Alice fighting Jill? Why?


Enjoy...i guess?

6 Responses to “Resident Evil Retribution Trailer”

  1. I think the scenario of the movie is too complex to understand it by the trailer alone, either that or something is really wrong with the guy that writes it...

    1. maybe we are too stupid for it XD

  2. also you forgot about the fact that all cities where destroyed in the last movie and everyone was living in caravans and ships, so why does the trailer say that umbrella took control of the cities, which cities ?

    1. i have no idea....i'm entirely confused with the storyline, who is dead, and what's happening in general...

    2. Jill looks exactly like she did in the game Resident Evil 5 after Wesker put her in cryostasis and experimented on her and controlling her with the device attached to her chest. In the movie she is being controlled by Umbrella through the device like in the game and thats why Alice fights her.

      Seriously doesnt anyone here know shit about Resident Evil????? Play the games, you noobs.

    3. The movies are out there for everyone to watch. That means a decent storytelling and directing must exist so EVERYONE can understand.

      As far as i know, Alice is not even at the games and was created only for the movies, so if they want our money they can at least tell her story right,so we can understand.


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