Do I Know You? #2

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Once Upon A Time

There are plenty of characters at Once Upon Time (though it's way easier to remember them than GOT) and many of them have been previously seen in other works let's see what i managed to dig up!

I loved loved Ramona And Beezus! It's just so extremely funny! And that's why i recognized easily our Snow White! I prefer her with long hair and badass though!

He is so handsome! Maybe that's why he stayed at my mind from Thor! After i watched Thor, i just wanted to see him again in a movie, and here he is as Prince Charming/James!

I knew i've seen her somewhere! Everyone was telling me they knew Jennifer Morrison from House M.D but i don't watch House M.D. So after some IMDB searching i found what i wanted! Grind! It must be around 10 years since i watched this movie. It's a movie about skaters in case you are wondering.

Silvestro was telling me he knew the actor from Stargate or something? Again, i haven't watch the show? So where do i know him? From the epic fail movie of Eragon of course. He was Derza :)

Belle is one of my favorite characters at the show! And though i haven't watch Remember Me, with the advertisement Robert Pattinson gets, i actually recognized her.

Another actor seeing in one of the Avengers films! Mad Hatter was Captain America's bff at the movie! Easily recognized ^.^

Well did not expect that. Her face was telling me something, but if i didn't scroll all the way down at her IMDB page i wouldn't have never remember her from FD2. In case you are wondering she died. I also don't like her Blue Fairy character at OUAT either.

Yes this is the same woman! Cinderella was previously seen at Falling Skies. If i remember right, she has been abducted by the aliens at the moment. They will probably save her at Sn.2. We will see...

Little Snow White!! I adore this little girl! I found her quite talented! Not only she was a perfect young Snow White, but she was incredibly funny at both Wizards of Waverly Place and Just Go With It with Adam Sandler.

Okay i'm missing many characters...but the thing is i didn't really know any of their works even though i searched for them. They just seem like i know them, but i don't. Still if you are wondering about someone feel free to ask :p

Did you recognize any of the actors above too?

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  1. Now I remember :O
    That guy was in Eragon too ! I remember him so vividly from the Stargate show ( he was my favorite character there ) so I didn't think of seeing him anywhere else XD


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