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Trailer Post! That means a recap from a recently released trailer...and what better than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a Tim Burton movie without Johnny Depp (i know right?!) and her first decent trailer which was released. Note to self, this is a Red Band Trailer which means the PG+18 scenes are in.

First thing we learn from the trailer is the mister Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter. Who knew right?! Here is him in a white suit killing, what i'm guessing is a vampire in the movie. (Okay for those who don't know the movie is based on a book - what a surprise..like they would like think of something new!).

Usual tragic story, of watching a parent being killed by vampire. Let's move on....

I know this guy from somewhere..let me check...ah! Yes! He was papa Stark at Captain America! Here is a teacher of slaying.

Weapon of choice: AXE! bahahaah! This can only mean one really violent movie my friends!

Told ya!!!

OUCH! I mean ouch! ewwww!!! Little more violent than what i was expecting but maybe exciting too? Seriously, this doesn't seem so much as a Burton movie so far.

I feel like the movie will be released in 3D. Many explosions too.

Simple title but i like! The movie seems full of action, not too scary with enough killing and really bad vampires. It does not remind me of Burton at all! Maybe is the absence of his usual cast. Will be watching this at the cinema :)

2 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer”

  1. I think it would be weird, maybe fail, but I wanna watch it, Burton rules.

  2. I'm with Silvestro in this one....


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