Do I Know You? #1

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Okay since is the first time i do that kind of post i will explain what it is. There are many times when i watch a movie, or tv series where i see random actors and i'm like "i know you from somewhere hmmm"..and then i can't take it out of my mind until i manage to remember where i have seen them or search for them. And that's exactly what's the post about. When something like that happens to me, a post will pop up!

Game of Thrones
Okay....Game of Thrones has not just a huge cast but many guest stars too. Let's see what we have from the first so far since i don't want to spoil characters from Sn.2.

Sean Bean and Leana Headey were the two actors i recognized immediatelly so i will leave them out of this post.

Mama Stark...thank you IMDB for helping with this one. There was no way in the world to remember that Michelle Fairley was also Hermione's mum at Harry Potter 7!

Iain Glen was an easy one too. Resident Evil was the first that came to mind, followed by Downton Abbey and later after searching at Tomb Raider too.
from RE

Peter Dinklage was another easy one. Especially if you watch the Narnia movies a couple of times :p I think he was also in Penelope though?
from Narnia 2
 Robert Baratheon? Our diseased king? Thanks agian to IMDB because my mind didn't go there at all...Knight Tale's with Heath Ledger!
from Knight's Tale
I have no idea why the commander actually stayed in mind from Narnia but he did. Santa Claus!
Narnia 1
Natalia Tena really got on my nerves. I could not remember a movie, a name or anything and i didn't even know her name at Game of Thrones (i thought she would die from the first episode she appeared so i didn't pay attention) and i really did some digging. I should be ashamed of course. As someone who has watched HP dozens of times i should have recognized her. She is Tonks of course.
Another HP characters, but this one i remember immediately as Filch ^^ At GOT he appeared only once so far, as a king who helped Robb with his war at Sn.1.
There were many more i researched, at least 90% of the cast but they didn't really make me go crazy for their previous works or from where i know them.
Til next time ;)

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