Guild Wars: Eye of The North

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I bought Guild Wars: Eye of the North! That's quite unexpected since i remember telling Johnny i will not buy it...i mean i haven't even finish Prophecies yet. But what can i say? I was at the Diablo III Launch Event (which i will be posting about soon!) and there it was at used games. But for a used game it was brand new which is really weird. I guess they changed their mind and gave it back.

The fact is that i bought it for just 3 euros instead of 15 that costs (i think...) so woo me! AND it's way better the Guild Wars Trilogy...let me show you! (I wanted to do a video about it but as i said my one eye is not working properly so no!)

For starters the box is bigger which doesn't even make sense if you think the trilogy is a trilogy while this one is just an expansion pack.

This time instead of characters (like M.O.X at the trilogy) they used a landscape at the inside.

Now on the inside it also had more things than trilogy. I mean trilogy just had a sheet of paper with the keyboards which is pretty useful but i love those booklets inside! And Eye of the North had more than that...

First there was a map..i was like "holy shit wow!"..i love maps! Maps are awesome!

Then there is a Game Catalog which okay it's not that interesting but has some cool art..and the best? A Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript which is a actually a lore book. It has inside the story so far about the cities of Guild Wars and the background story of some of the characters and creatures you see around! And i love stories..i love yay!

So this is pretty much it...i haven't played the game yet as i said at start but i'm excited about it for not good reason. I'm searching Splash to see if Johnny has a review about the game (since he is obsessed with them) but i only see Nightfall and Prophecies. So you can check those two out if you want.


P.S: How many times did i said the word "love"? XD

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