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Two months ago i started playing Magic The Gathering. Let's simply say i'm obsessed and broke. So i'm trying to convince myself, and both Johnny and Filios to stop buying cards until the new expansion set comes out. We are failing... This is what it's supposed to be the last package of MtG of me and Johnny until September.

As always in everything, i am the one receiving all the orders and i so feel like Santa xD On the photo above you see an Intro Pack from Innistrad, and Battle Pack from 2012 Core Set, and Avacyn Restored Fatpack. The fatpack is Johnn'y's, and obviously i'm not allowed to open it, so i won't be able to show you right now what it has inside. But it i will be there when he does open it and capture everything ^.^

But until then, let's enjoy the pure awesomeness of my cards starting with the Battle Pack :)
The battle pack surprised me because i did not know exactly what was inside. It's supposed to have to two 20 set decks for a quick game or something. When i opened it, two boxes connected were inside. The red box had red/black cards and a booster, and the black box had green/white cards and a booster.

 Let's take a look on the inside of the red box first - Before we start, we need to mention my luck was extremely good today in more than the cards (maybe today is the day i will find the Narnia door!).

Yes the photo is messed up i know! But i was too excited to check if it was okay! So opening opening opening!
The first two rows, are the ones from the deck. I'm not planning to keep the deck like that, i will just take the cards i like and put them into mine! Especially a dragon i happened to get. Most of those others i already had but still it's a good bunch.
The third row is the booster random cards. And yes i found a Foil card in! I was like "yay wee foil wee" if you know what i mean, and it's also red which means it will probably being used too, soon.

 Let's hop to the black box then with the green/white cards!

Chandra on the booster only means luck my friend! She might not be the strongest planeswalker but she is kind of awesome.
And of course i was the white cards! They are all going to be used! And i needed some plains too ;) Third row is the booster as before...and yes another Foil...and a Planeswalker too (1st ever!). By that time i was like "what is happening today?!".

Soooo this is everything inside the small pack which cost me 10 euros. But because buying cards it's never enough, i also bought the Spectral Legions Intro Deck from Innistrad. Inside was included another booster.
The Angel next to the pack was the Foil included inside and the rest are the cards from the booster. Which okay, maybe they are not exactly what i need but they are exactly what my friends needed! Especially Johnny...which means i probably will trade cards with him when he opens his fatpack!! RAHAHAHA!!

This was definitely the most exciting opening of cards so far and the most wow (well maybe except when i got my dragons, because you know how much i love dragons!) because it simply fills the gaps of my decks.

Oh! And thanks to for their quick delivery and their great service. I even got a discount code :)


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