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Now, unlike Yiota who was dragged to magic by me, my first experience with Magic:The Gathering was a bit blurry. All i remember was that someone, somewhere around 2000 or so bought me a deck for a present. My initial reaction was more or less a mixture of confusion and interest. The geek seed was already planted in me. I remember by that time my brother was into heavy metal so he had made me a few cassettes with Rhapsody of Fire, their album Power of the Dragonflame or something like that. As I was completely bored I started looking into what the hell those weird stuff were.

The game seemed to have magic spells, creatures and it seem to blend in well with the whole epic metal thing from Rhapsody, so I started playing games by myself (growing up with one older brother and a much younger sister meant that I had to spent my middle-highschool years having lots of time to myself, since my brother was "too old for those stuff" and I was too young to start bothering with going out till late and stuff).Not to mention that that was the area that lord of the rings got out. I still remember watching the first movie with my brother and mother, late at night and with all lights down. As a little teenager the whole moody atmosphere and violence was completely new to me, exciting as it was, but my brother obviously took the chance to scare the shit out of me in Moria but that is another story, anyway.

 Persistence wins however so I finally found one of my friends with cards that would end up playing with me (Maximos, Yiota). I started playing a few games with only the basic rules and little to no knowledge of any of the rules such as "swampwalk" or "scry" etc. I even managed to go to a booster draft to observe how they play. Then i just let go. I mean Magic is cool and all, but spending money on a card game that you have no one to play with was just pointless. However in the start of this year Filios went all "Hey dude, wanna start playing magic?". I was skeptical obviously, since Filios has a history of starting things with me and either letting them go sooner than i do, or just simply outrunning me leaving me way behind, which makes me get bored because in either situations I end up playing alone to catch up. This time however he had promised to keep interest, and after I saw that Yiota was not exactly absolute on her "no"'s (plus Silvestro played too) I was like, eh what the hell, lets check it out.

My first starter pack was Gravepower from the Dark Ascension setting from the Innistrad plane. It was a rather okish deck (it has become one of my top decks in terms of strength however) but it made me look more into the whole setting. Innistrad is apparently a rather "Underworld" kind of themed plane. The first thing I noticed: WEREWOLVES!....Well....I think I should look more into those settings hmmm?

I think its pretty much obvious that Innistrad has taken my full love as a magic plane for all time! I mean it seems like it was literally made for me. Werewolves, vampires, dark-gothicish mood? And then I saw Avacyn Restored mechanics that seemed to come out to literally finish off an already "Johnny-labeled" plane. They took all the awesome part of the set and added teamwork on it. I mean they could as well just place a "For Johnny" in the front of the setting and just slap it in my face!

Needless to say. I had to get the fatpack for Avacyn (the other 2 sets are going to be my next buys). And today I got to open it! Well, you will see in the video bellow exactly what I got so I will just tell my overall impressions.

Well in all honesty it could be a LOT better. From all those booster packs, i got not even a single foil and i got LOTS of duplicate cards. HOWEVER, i got some very fine additions and some pretty nice cards from the whole booster packs. The box, leaflet, dice and off course the land cards however make up for the whole thing. I was pretty excited to get the fat pack, and in my opinion it was totally worth it! Here is the video bellow!

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