Well...HELLO to you all!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is so annoying! After trying to convince myself to make a video welcome message for a whole day, i wake up and my one eye is completely red and can barely open...bah! At least you don't have to suffer through my accent :p

Well then! HELLO PEOPLE! Welcome to the Dark Vault Excaliburburs which is a side-blog of Splash of our Worlds (equal important and maybe more awesome too). After struggling with lots of names and telling them to Johnny who declined every single one of them and proposed to name the blog "Yiota is lame with the blog names", i decided this one. It came to me before i sleep and i thought it sounds nice since the point of the blog to share more of our worlds, and it's like you take a peak into our dark little secrets or something. Anyway, now it's up there so we stick to it!
Okay...Johnny almost killed me when he saw the name. Like i did a crime or something. So here is our new name picked by him. It reminds me of bubbles :p LOL...still it's more unique and funny SO WE STICK TO IT xD

"So you have another blog Yiota, why do you make a new one", you ask? Easy. The answer is freedom. I give the opportunity to whoever want from the team to write here anything except reviews...well not about their personal life, we don't care about it obviously. I mean around Games, Internet, Youtube...whatever...(again no physics Filio!).

Let's say i have tons of ideas! Game descriptions or vlogs (Johnny promised to help!), recaps, maybe move our Spotlight List Meme here too? More about events, etc etc...wait and see. I really hope everything works out. At the this moment i write, we have 0 followers and no one knows the existence of this blog. Ha!

Okay that's enough i guess...oh! Since the blog is part of Splash of Our Worlds, i won't be making new social network accounts. All the updates will be going at Splash's twitter, facebook, etc. So feel free to follow in one of those ways (buttons at the sidebar and the top). I'm not putting GFC up this time. It annoys me.

Soooooo have fun around (i hope!).
--This is me Yiota..the Overlord...the Master...the Bad Admin..of Splash of Our Worlds and now of the Dark Vault Excaliburburs too.

P.S: Okay..maybe we are a little crazy but we are good kids..i promise

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